Mystery of Kailash mountain

Mystery of Kailash mountain

Lord Shiva is the root of all the religions of the world and in Hindu religion Lord Shiva is considered as the god of death. Lord Shiva is considered unborn. It is said that they have neither started nor end. According to mythology, Kailash Mountain is considered to be the home of Lord Shankar. It is believed that Lord Shiva lives with his family on Kailash Mountain. Apart from this, the lake situated between the peaks of Kailash Mountain is known as Mansarovar Lake. Mount Kailash is considered to be one of the world’s most endangered mountain ranges. Do you know about the interesting fact associated with Kailash Mountain? Let’s know why no one is able to climb the Kailash mountain.

According to mythological beliefs, this is the town of Kuber. From here, from Mahavishnu’s taxis, the Ganga falls on the top of Kailash Mountains, where Lord Shiva flows them in their shoes and flows them in the form of pure stream in the earth. On the mountain above Kailash, there is heaven and hell below.

Kailash mountain height is more than 6600 meters. Which is about 2200 meters less than the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest. Despite that thousands of people have climbed Mount Everest, but no one has climb on the Kailash mountain yet.

The residence of Lord Shiva has hidden many secrets in the foothills of this Kailash mountain itself. There are many such strange mysteries associated with the Kailash mountain, which till date no human has ever been able to find out. The name of Kailash Mansarovar is made up of two words of Sanskrit language, consisting of Manas and Sarovar. The word literally means – Kailash Mountain is also considered as the center of the Earth. Since this mountain is situated near Mansarovar lake, hence its name is Kailash Mansarovar.

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Scientists from around the world have researched on Kailash Mountain and Kailash region. It is impossible to ascertain the possibility of climbing the Kailash mountain. Many climbers claim that it is impossible to ascend on Kailash Mountain. Russia’s mountain climber Sarge Sistiakov told that when he reached the edge of the mountain, his heart started beating loudly. They were at the front of the mountain. No one can up till today. He felt very weak and felt that he should not stop anymore. And as he came down his mind became lighter. The last attempt to climb the Kailash Mountain was made in 2001. When China allowed a team from Spain to climb the Kailash mountain. But people all over the world believe that Kailash Mountain is a holy place should not let anyone climb on it. After which the ban on the Kailash Mountain was banned.

10 interesting facts about Kailash Mountain

1. Center of Fame:

On the one side of the Earth is the North Pole, on the other hand the South Pole Himalaya is located in the center of both of them The center of the Himalayas is Kailash Mountains. According to scientists, it is the center of the Earth. Kailash Mountain is the center of 4 major religions – Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh religion of the world.

2. Freedom from sins by bathing in Lake Mansarovar:

If you travel to Kailash Mountain, the best time to take a bath in Mansarovar lake is from 3 am to 5 pm, which is known as Brahmmuurut. It is believed that at this time, the deities also come to this lake to take a bath. In Hindu mythology, it has also been mentioned that by imposing a holy dip in Mansarovar lake all the sins of the last seven lives are erased.

3. Nobody can climb on the summit:

Climbing the Kailash Mountain is forbidden, but in the 11th century, a Tibetan Buddhist yogi Milarepa climbed on it. This report from Russia’s scientists was published in the January 2004 issue of ‘UNESPublic’ Magazine. Although Milarepa has never said anything about this, this is also a mystery.

4. Kailash Mountain keeps changing its position:

Many people have tried to reach the top of the Kailash mountain, but sometimes due to the extreme climatic conditions and sometimes the mountain changes their target location, nobody has succeeded in their efforts. Yes, you read it right! People feel like they wandered on their way while climbing the top of Kailash Mountain.

5. The mystery of the human being:

Himalayas say that the Himalayas are human beings on the Himalayas. Someone calls it a brown bear, no wild human being, no snowman This perception is popular that it kills and consumes people. Some scientists consider it a nirvarthal human More than 30 scientists around the world have claimed that there are snow humans in the snowy areas of the Himalayas.

6. Center of Extraterrestrial Power:

This is one such center which is called Axis Mundi. Axis Mundi means the navel of the world or the celestial pole and the center of the geographic pole. This is a point of connection between the heavens and the earth, where ten directions get. According to Russian scientists, Axis Mundi is the place where the supernatural power flows and you can contact those powers.

7. The sound of ॐ is echoed from Kailash mountain:

If you go to the Kailash mountain or Mansarovar lake area, you will hear a voice continuously, as if the airplane is flying in the vicinity. But by listening carefully, this voice is like the sound of ‘Damru’ or ‘ॐ’. Scientists say that this sound may be melting snow. It may also be that there is such a connection between light and sound that the voice of ‘ॐ’ is heard from here.

8. Light shine in the sky:

It is claimed that on several occasions Kailash Mountain has seen 7 types of lights flashing in the sky. NASA scientists believe that it may be because of the magnetic force here. Here magnetic force can join the sky and create such things many times.

9. Mysterious geographical location

The height of this holy mountain is 6714 meters. Its peak shape is similar to Virat Shivalinga, which is wrapped in a white sheet of ice throughout the year. Mounting on the Kailash mountain is considered forbidden, but in the 11th century, a Tibetan Buddhist yogi Milarepa attacked it.

10. The voice of the mud on the melting of Lake Mansarovar:

When the ice of Mansarovar melts during the summer, a type of voice is also heard. The devotees believe that this is the sound of the dragon. It is also recognized that once a person dips in Mansarovar lake, he will reach “Rudralok” after death. Apart from this, the deadline is just below the Kailash Mountain, which has an outer perimeter of 52 km.

The coordinates are:   31.0675° N, 81.3119° E

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