What is Quantum Computer ? How does it work?

What is Quantum Computer ? How does it work?

In today’s time, computers have become an important part of our lives. Whether there is any field of education or field of education, space science show is being used at all places and it is not possible to do any work nowadays without computer So since the time the computer has been made, its size has become smaller and the capacity has increased. You should have seen that your mobile chip which was 1 GB in 2010 was the same as the chip You can imagine that in and now you’re getting to 1 terabyte that technology is so fast moving. While everyday analog computing is limited to having a single value of either 0 or 1 for each bit, quantum computing uses quantum bits (qubits) that are simultaneously in both states (0 and 1) at the same time.

Quantum Computer

However, since the computer has become ever more powerful, it is becoming more powerful, but the computers that you are using today have some limitations like it and other Power Consumers today such as Google and IBM Quantum Physics Using Quantum Physics, you are creating computers that you can call a future computer and we call these computers Quantum Computer

The consequence of this superposition, as it’s called, is that quantum computers are able to test every solution of a problem at once. Further, because of this exponential relationship, such computers should be able to double their quantum computing power with each additional qubit.

Your Quantum computer will be a data rocket. It would probably be able to calculate faster than Pentium III personal computer 1 billion times faster. It will be able to scratch the entire internet in 2030, and easily break the most advanced security code. This is not a science fiction but it is going to be possible in the coming years in the truth world.

How does Quantum Computer Works?

According to physical, any atom remains spin naturally and that which is Spin, it can either be on the top (↑) or towards the bottom (↓) i.e. up and down And if you look at the digital technology, then everything is kept in the form of 0 and 1, that is,

the auspiciousness of the atom can be 1 and the cyclone coming down can be 0 but if the rotation of the atom is measured So at the same time It can be either up or down (⇅) on the other side because of this it is not equal to the bit of your traditional computer, hence it is called Qubit, which is also called Quantum bits, is quite different compared to cubits bits. The information which is in bits can be either in 0 or in the form of 1, but the information which is in the cubits can be in both the 0 and 1 forms at the same time. Puteon Speed ​​increases significantly.

There are no bits in a quantum computer, only qubits. These are not very different from normal computer bits. A qubit is not transmitted using electric impulses, they use electrons to store information. This may seem like a hard concept, but it’s not: If the electron does not exert any energy. and remains parallel to the magnetic field, it stores the value 0. If it exerts energy and it’s rotation is opposite to the magnetic field, it will store the value 1. Here’s a simple example using a kitchen timer so you can understand this concept:

Differences between Quantum computer and personal computer

The first thing to do is to talk to your personal computer that bit is used for calculation in your personal computer in which the data is kept in the form of zero and 1, the binary number or the secondary number can be used in machine language ( Machine language is written to write programs in machine language written in binary code which has only two digits 0 and 1 since the computer is only binary signal A That 0 and takes understands only 1 and detection of computer circuit or circuit in binary code and it takes a change in electric signals (Electrical signals) is the mean of 0 Off means 1 ON

Now the smallest quantity of any of the quantum computer is atomic and atom is naturally a microscopic calculator. Scientists have come to this idea only when they understood that naturally microscopic calculations can be done from atom and then they Thought of building quantum computer.

If any software is prepared for the computer, then it is converted into machine language and when your processor colors any software, then using the same machine language, all processes are done.

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