How do SEO and increase the traffic of your website?

How do SEO and increase the traffic of your website?

Everyone wants their website to appear on the first page in the post search results. If possible, first be on the number, and if you want it, today’s topic Search Engine Optimization . what is Search Engine Optimization , it is absolutely for you (can also read for information) . When we search anything in a search engine (like: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) So comes the best page related to that word, computer or mobile screen.

And most people see opening posts with first or second numbers. Because it is the best search result from thousands of thousands of posts. Now the thing to think about is that the search engine is keeping the post in top rank. That means that the post will be opened directly to that post. Because of which the website on which the post is posted, there will be a huge increase in the ranking of that website. And in a way, you want to do this, increase your “website rankings”.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO’s full form is search engine optimization. Optimize your site and site’s content for search engine. Which will put your blog post at the top of the search results page. And the blog’s organic traffic, rank and earnings will also increase.

Suppose you have written a post by researching keywords, what is SEO? So now you will definitely want your keywords to come from popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo’s No 1 position. And this can happen only when you do SEO on a great blog.

What are the benefits of SEO in website on some points.

1) Your blog appears on Google and rest on search engine SEO

2) Users search their query on the search engine. If you have followed properly seo, then your post will appear at the top of the search engine. Which will increase your blog’s Organic Visitors.

3) SEO helps to get blogs high rank.

4) Those who come from search engines will definitely share your posts on Facebook, Twitter Which gives you more share on social site.

5) Organic visitors will increase your blog earnings too.

What are the types of SEO?

It is of two types, and is very simple. All you need to do is execute very well on both of these.

  1. On Page SEO (working on your website)
  2. Off Page SEO (working on another website)

On Page SEO

On this, whatever you optimize inside the post comes, like Sitemap, Keyword, Website speed, Title tag, Meta description, Image Alt tag, Internal links, Bold important, Post heading, Post length, Site Design etc optimization. is.

Guide On Page SEO
These bloggers should know from the right way. Because On page SEO techniques lets you increase visitors to your blog from the search engine.

You can also make your blog popular in a very short time by doing well on the page Seo.

On page SEO, there are lots of factors that help you to optimize your website on page. We are going to tell you some common factor.



  1.  Design of website
  2.  website speed
  3. Website Favicon
  4.  Mobile-friendly website
  5.  Title Tag
  6.  Meta Description
  7.  Keyword Density
  8.  Image Alt Tag
  9.  URL Structure
  10.  Internal Links
  11.  Highlight Important Keyword
  12.  Use Heading Tag
  13.  Post-Good Length
  14.  Google Sitemap
  15.  Check Broken Links
  16.  SEO Friendly URL
  17.  Google Analytics
  18.  Social Media Button
  19.  HTML Page Size
  20.  Clear Page Cache
  21.  Website security HTTPS etc

Off Page SEO:

To rank your website and post in the search engine, promoting its link on the Internet off is called Page SEO.

When your post is promoted and shared on the Internet, then it gets some signal to the search engine. Which is the search engine that increments the rank of that post.

There are lots of ways to do Off Page SEO. With the help of which you can increase your website’s Traffic by increasing your post’s ranking. We are telling you how to do some off Page.

  1. Social Networking Site
    •  Facebook page
    •  Group on Facebook
    •  Twitter
    •  Google plus etc

2.Social Bookmarking Site

    • Tumblr ,Pinterest etc.

3.Guest Posting

4.Forum Posting

5.Blog Commenting

6.Blog Directory Submission

7.Search Engine Submission

8. Classifiedsite Submission Site

9.Video Sharing site

10.Photo Sharing site

11.Question and Answering Site

Type of Seo Techniques

  1. White hat seo
  2. Black hat seo

Black hat SEO:

It is a technique of Seo in which in order to ignore the Rules of search engine, such methods are used to get high traffic, which are done only by keeping in mind the search engine Roobots. Which is called black hat seo.

Like you will find many such websites on the internet that make thousands of links to your website by taking some money. This link is created by spam and automated website. Who are able to easily identify the search engine’s Boots and Spider. After that your website can be blocked.

We can tell you that the Google search engine keeps changing its algorithm. Which he can give best results to his user.

White hat SEO:

White hat seo is also the only way you can become a successful and famous blogger by following. For this, you have to SEO your website and post according to the rules of Google or all other search engines.

If we tell you in a line, then every search engine has some guidelines and rules. While pursuing, we have to do our website’s search engine optimization. Which we call white hat seo This is very important for our website.



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