How does the internet work?

How does the internet work?

In the 1960s when the Internet came in, it used to work through a satellite. However now it works through these same cables. Presently 90% of the world’s Internet through these cables makes up 10% of the rest via satellite. Use of Satellite is used for the use of the Internet.


Where I can see Cable lines Live?

The Submarine Cable Map is a free and regularly updated resource from TeleGeography.


How does this work?

The network of wires and cables spread across the world works behind it. The trap of the real in cables only connects the servers created in different parts of the world. Data from one place to another is accessed through these same cables.


What does the internet put into the computer after all?

What you actually upload. It is somewhere to save in the server room. If someone searches for that data, then it will be able to get out of the same server-based house and reach the computer, mobile or laptop that is being searched. Internet connectivity connects this server room with one another. The data placed in a server made in any part of the world goes through this internet only to find itself in the other corner of the world. Internet speed and special optical fiber technology work in such a fast reach of data.


3 Models of Internet company

There are three different types of companies connected to the Internet service to deliver the Internet to your home. In fact, these three types of companies run the internet all over the world. These are called TR-1 TR-2 and TR-3 companies.

TR-1 company: There are companies that have cached the world within the sea. As a result, all the countries of the world got involved in the Internet.

TR-2 Company: Works for transmitting data between one state to another. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and JIO can be considered as such operator. Generally, TR-2 and TR-3 companies have laid optical fiber cables between one city and another from state to state.

TR-3 Company: Works for transmitting data between one city to another. It includes small cable operators that provide cyber space and telecom companies.


How does the internet reach India?

If you talk about India, then the main server of the TR-1 is in Mumbai. Apart from Tata, there are Airtel and Reliance cable landing stations. In addition, there are also cable landing stations in Chennai, Kochi, Delhi and Visakhapatnam. From these places, telecom companies provide internet through towers throughout the country. Suppose you spend on the Website through your computer. If the server of that website is out of India then the command will go directly to the Mumbai-based landing station. Data from here will be where it is the server. This way, the data will rise from the server and reach your computer.


Cable Monitoring

After their optical fiber cables are laid on the TR-1 company they are constantly monitored. Many times the cables break through the middle of the water vessel. Their life is more than 25 years. In such a situation, the maintenance work of their maintenance continues. Many times the internet gets stalled once the cable worsened. In January 2008, there was an accident with Egypt, at that time, 70 percent of the country’s internet was stalled. After this, the attention of the cables was taken care of. In exchange for this, TR-2 companies give money to TR-1 companies. It is also called B2B model of telecom companies. TR-2 and TR-3 companies take money from customers. It is called B-to-Sea model of telecom companies.

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