IPhones are too expensive but why does everyone want it?

IPhones are too expensive but why does everyone want it?

IPhones are expesive but provides security to more than any other smartphones. People are sheep and creatures of habit. Apple has maintained a simple design and marketing ethos for a long time and over time they have convinced people that their phones are superior in quality and reliability. They have been endorsed in mainstream media over the decades as top of the line. Apple phones and products are not immune to software failure and don’t have the best build quality. When you buy an iPhone you are not buying the hardware you are buying their product which includes their name and ecosystem. Unfortunately for Apple fans it comes at a premium.

Because, all things considered, the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market. It probably has been since the first one went on sale in 2007.

Sure, there’s a phone somewhere with a few more pixels on the screen or a few more milli amp hours on it’s battery. There’s some with the (highly dubious) freedom to install any app from any source. There are certainly smartphones that are cheaper. But on the whole, Apple’s phones are the best. That’s why people buy them.

They aren’t suckered into it with slick advertising. They aren’t buying them as status symbols. They aren’t buying them because they’re ignorant of the facts. They’re buying them because they’re good.

They have the best user interface. The best overall user experience. They have the most thriving ecosystem for apps, music and video. They have the lowest incidence of malware and viruses. They have excellent hardware engineering.

new iPhones are too expensive, starting at $749 for an iPhone XR and $999 for an iPhone XS. And so, too, is every other product Apple sells, including the new iPad Pros, which start at $799, and the new MacBook Air at $1,199.

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